Free Party Labels and Memory Game Printables

Lookie, lookie!  Thanks to Amy Moss over at Eat Drink Chic, I was able to print these FREE vintage bottle and cup labels.  Aren’t they swell?!

Amy also has this free printable memory game that is too stinkin’ cute for words.  This girl is genius, I tell you!  Genius!  (All of her work is for personal use ONLY.  Respect it!)


Paper Shoes!

Don’t you just love paper?  I do.  I love paper.  I want to make myself a paper dress.  I’d always thought paper shoes were out of the question.  UNTIL!  Lookie here!  I found paper shews!  The Cinderella princess shoe is actually part of a Glamour Princess printable party pack you can find HERE….for free!

The baby shoe template can be found HERE.  I think they’re a great idea for baby shower favors.  Or cats.  Whatever.  Get some scissors and carry on.

Free Printables…for to entertain your kid.

So my offspring is on Spring Break this week.  Lookit.  I’m jumping up and down with joy.  It’s actually not terribly bad this year because her Daddy also took some time off to run interferance.  Thanks to Murphy and his shoddy list of laws, it went from sunny and 80 degrees to cold and rainy just about the time Spring Break started.

So.  Inside activities.  Yesterday was jigsaw puzzle day.  She did manage to walk her fanny down to the lake and fetch some nasty snail shells for me to clean.  Sometimes I wonder if she wouldn’t be happier out there in the doghouse, free to wander with abandon.   I’d take her to the Mall, but that’s like slow suicide, so I’ll have to come up with something else.

If you want some free printables, here’s a list of my faves.  You’d be surprised how long a kid can stay busy with a glue stick, scotch tape and a stack of printable fun times and crafts.  Some of these sites are for the Mamas…scrapbook and journal ephemera and whatnot.  Get busy!

(Click on images)

Kid Printables

DLTK Printable Crafts

Activity Village


Paper Glitter

Karen’s Whimsy (Vintage paper dolls, ephemera, etc.)

Go Make Something (Collage art)

Graphic’s Fairy (Free vintage clip art)

Jingerup (Prints and patterns too cute for words)

Art-e-Zine (Vintage resources)

Living Locurto

Summer Crafts and Attempted Feline Homicide

Okay, third day into no-camp week….so far so good.  It was cloudy and yuck-yuck yesterday, so we ended up at Wilder’s World for a couple of hours, followed by the standard Happy Meal run.  After “Quiet Time”, there was head-to-head combat over the attempted murder of our neighbor’s infant feline.

Here’s what went down…from what I can tell.  Our neighbor’s mama kitty had some babies a few weeks ago and they all stay outside.  There’s one kitten in particular who comes busting out of the fence every time he hears one of us come out our back door.  I’m not gonna lie…the little booger is a cutie.  Looks like a fluffy pumpkin ball.

So Cali was playing with Punkin…and I made it abundantly clear that under no circumstance was she to bring the cat inside the house.  “OKAAAAYYYY!”  I was doing some writing and noticed things had become ominously quiet.

“You better not have that cat in here, Cali Spring!”

As I got to the back door, I saw Cali stop like a deer caught in headlights.  She was trying to hide something behind her back.  Turns out that “something” was Punkin….drenched like a water-logged rat and shivering like he had the palsy.


So I grabbed a towel and frantically started fluffing Punkin back up….meanwhile, fleas were having Mardis Gras all over my shirt and face.  I walked him to our neighbor’s front door…but alas…they weren’t home.  So I fluffed him up some more and sent him back through the fence to his mama.

Here was Cali’s explanation:

Cali:  I wanted to give him a bath like I saw the dogs do at my trip field in the pet spa.

Me:  Did you squirt him with the hose?  How did you get him wet?

Cali: I stuck him in the pool and swirled him around.

Me: Okay.  Cali, you can never do that again.  Baby animals can’t get wet…it’ll make them sick.  Remember how you almost killed Bing when you drenched him in Febreeze?  Well, dunking a kitty in cold water will kill it.  Do you like killing small animals?

Cali:  NOOOO!!  (wailing and gnashing of teeth)

Me:  Okay, then.  Don’t be ignorant and do something like that again.

Cali:  Well, Daddy didn’t tell Ms. Beth that I killed Bing…so you don’t tell Daddy I killed a cat. Okay?  Don’t tell him.

Me:  I’m going to tell him, Cal.


Anyway…I ended up telling her Daddy while she was in the kitchen having a snack.  He laughed, naturally.  We agreed to keep it a secret.  This morning when we were leaving the house, here comes Punkin.  As soon as Cali saw him, she excitedly told her Daddy:

“Daddy!  That kitty there yesterday wanted to swim in my pool!  All by himself, he did!”

Whatta kid.  Today we visit the Aquarium.  Thankfully the fish and birds are safe behind the Plexiglas.

If you have an ornery kid that needs to be occupied 24/7…here are some brilliant ideas that may keep them out of your hair and preserve your sanity. Just click on the images for instructions and printables.

Amazing Free Printables

I’m all about some free stuff.  But then you know that already.  So today I decided to pass along some fab freebies that can add some jazz into your drabby life.  (I realize that ‘drabby’ isn’t in the dictionary.  So don’t email me about it.)  Lots of great artwork for collage and journaling.  Enjoy!

1) The Enchanted Fairy

2)  Handmade lip gloss with printable labels:

3) Cookie Gift Sleeves:

4)  Blue Print Wrapping Paper:

5)  Mini Gift Bags:

6)  Lunch Labels:

7)  Pie Chart:

8)  Monogram Labels:

9)  Vintage Betsy McCall Paper Dolls (entire collection):

10)  Little Miss Alice Paper Doll:

11)  Enchanted Art Doll (great art for collage work):

12)  Collage Art (tons of vintage!):

13)  Vintage Postcards:

14)  Vintage Images:

15)  Ephemera Graphic Designs:

16)  The Graphics Fairy (tons of images):

17)  Paper Purse

18)  Paper Pinwheels:

19)  Button Box:

20)  Unique Paper Textures:

Paper Valentine Treat Box

Oh how stinkin’ cute are these?!  Little paper treat boxes that you just print, glue and fold!  I found them over at Family Fun.  Go on over there and get started! 

Here’s what I did.  Obviously, I printed it out.  I used a piece of patterned card-stock so the inside would be all frilly and such.  Then I lined it with a square of cupcake fabric, dropped some candy in, folded everything up and SNAP.  Super easy, super cute Valentine treat box.  This is a great idea for classroom crafts or gifts.

I’d like to say that I plan on posting a little Valentine craft every day until the 14th…but I’d be a big fat liar.  While you’re waiting on the next one, here’s some pics of my candy box: