The Push-Pop Trend

Looks like the long-standing cupcake trend has had a make-over.  And you know what?  I totally dig it!  I’m honked off that I didn’t think of this in the first place.  Of course, the first thing my cheap self thought when I saw these was, “Hope!  I can make push-ups with that cheap sherbet and my kid will never know they’re not the grossly over-priced rainbow ones!”

You can find these push-pop containers at the Layer Cake Shop (my fave place for baking supplies).  I can’t wait to make some of these myself.   These are a few that are inspiring me to binge on cake batter and sprinkles.  (Click on image to visit site).


Cupcakes in a Cone

 We made it through the first non-camp day of summer vacation.  Sat down and made out our schedule for the week.  It may sound a tad anal retentive, but I really have no choice in the matter.  The child functions best when on a semi-rigid schedule.  So…semi-rigid schedule it is.  I’m talking curriculum, planned activities and outings.  The whole nine yards.  Only I don’t get a paycheck.  Why else would I be taking an expensive multivitamin every day?  Certainly not for the fishy burps. 

So…after completely reenacting the Chipmunks Sequel and eating waffles, we made cupcakes in a cone.  I was grossly irresponsible and let my kid eat cake batter.  Raw eggs!!  I ate some too…that way if she got sick, I’d be puking right along with her.  Sensible decision, right?

It’s off to Turtle water park tomorrow…where I’ll sit baking in the sun, watching my kid roll around on wet concrete, happy as a clam in mud.  Yippee.

Cupcake Plates, Kitchen Decor and Decoupage From Das Soul

I prepared my husband for what was about to go down in our kitchen.   He’ll probably start taking his meals outdoors…what with the pink and all.  But I wanted sweets, ya’ll!  Confections!  Carbs!  Sugary Morsels of Sinful Indulgence!!  I blame it on the kid…she’s been watching that dadgum Willy Wonka movie every day for the past month.

So…I painted these plates and hung them on the wall.  The little cupcakes in the middle of the plate are actually 15-cent window-clings that I found at Target (90% off Valentine merchandise!).  I realize some “mature” adults would find my decorating tastes rather juvenile.  But I don’t care.  You’re not the boss of me.

Then…I found this $5 curtain sheer at Ross and got to staplin’.  Ta Da!  And the wreath?  $1.75.  75% off all Valentine thangs at Joann’s.

A friend of mine came over a couple of days ago with a genius decoupage idea and it turned out swell.  Naturally, it inspired me to do some decoupaging of my very own..and the ideas won’t stop!  But this is what I started…and I’m not really sure where it’s going other than it will be an interactive piece of art that tells a story.  A story about a girl.  I made a little book to go in the cover pocket…and here’s what I wrote inside:

Once upon a time, a wounded girl-child was found wandering under a Violet Moon…unsure of her origin…without guide or protector.

Mother Earth sheltered the child, guiding her into woman-hood…careful to let Life teach her its lessons.

The woman…again wounded.  Fearful of all, trusting of none.  Until Mother Earth made time stand still…to remind the woman of her One True Source.

Within this purgatory, the woman was healed.  Reminded by Spirit that wounds can be bandaged.  Hearts can be mended.  Souls can be saved…forgiveness given.

Her story…Re-Written.