The Watermelon Fairy of 2011

Around August of every year, Cali and I sit down and she picks out the costume she wants me to make for Halloween.  This year?  A jacked-up watermelon fairy (see above).  Really, Cali?  A watermelon fairy?!  Not only that….I’m gonna have to make a pettiskirt.  Chiffon.  I hate sewing chiffon.  I curse the chiffon.  I’m not quite sure how I’m going to make those watermelon wings either.  I’m thinking wire, pantyhose and craft paint.  There’s a good chance she’s going to hit the streets looking like a hot mess on a tin plate.  Stay tuned for future progress.

Here are some of the costumes she passed on…thank gawd!  Don’t you wish you could dress like this every day?  I do.  I’d totally go to Publix dressed like a magical mermaid.  The majority of these costumes are available for purchase at Chasing Fireflies.


Pumpkins, Candy and Tutus

Whew.  Halloween down…now onto Christmas!  Here’s what went down over the past month or so. (Click on image for slide-show.)

Pet + Costume = Owner on Borrowed Time

It’s that time of year when all the pet owners out there decide it’d be a good idea to take their pets and shove them into ridiculous costumes whilst snapping photos and laughing like intoxicated hyenas.  Never not ONCE have I seen a pet smiling or looking remotely humored in these pics.  And the ones that DO look like they’re having a good time are obviously “touched”.

A few years ago, I shoved Willard, our pet Chihuahua, into a witch costume and laughed so hard I almost soiled myself.  However, that night a wave of guilt washed over me and I hightailed it to mass the next morning.  And I’m not even Catholic.

So for all of you who have no conscience and can look at yourselves in the mirror each and every day, then here’s some stuff to make you laugh like the irresponsible human being that you are.