New York vs. The World

I’ve only known a handful of born ‘n bred New Yorkers….and all of them wore capes and chewed glass.  Now with Hurricane Irene bearing down on New York, the strongest of the strong are in front of the TV cameras…smiling and pointing out that they ain’t skeered.  Cabs are still driving around, people are still shopping.  Dare I say…..IDIOTS?!

In their defense, maybe they’re just ultimate optimists.  It seems the the majority of those who are staying in the zones that were ordered to be evacuated are quite certain this will be nothing more than a summer rain shower.  That all this talk of mayhem and destruction is nothing more than media hype.  I hope they’re right.  I especially hope that the dude who bought 20 cans of Chef Boyardee for his “Emergency Kit” and put his sofa up on old encyclopedias (leaving the TV down on sea level)….I hope that guy does okay.

I won’t lie.  I’m a lover of inclement weather…and there’s secretly a part of me that wishes I was in the eye of Irene with a microphone and rain gear.  But I have a husband and kid…so my days of irresponsible and risky activity are pretty much over.  In all seriousness, I hope that those in this hurricane’s Danger Zone make it through with minimal damage.

You can visit to get all the info you need to put together an Emergency Preparedness Kit.

Crisis Landing has tons of phone apps that give info on shelters, weather updates and tracking maps.

Red Cross has an extensive Hurricane Safety Checklist that outlines what to do, supplies you’ll need and what to do after the storm passes.

FEMA has tons of readiness info for all kinds of disasters.

Button up and keep safe!


The Intrigue of European Toys

Sometimes I wish I lived in Scandinavia.  Or Norway!  Not because of the beautiful swedes and lack of water and air pollution…but for the toys.  I love toys.  But not your run-of-the-mill stuff like Barbie, Disney, Fisher-Price, etc.  I like the unique.  The sturdy.  Toys that make you use your imagination and give an air of enchantment.  European toys are like this.  Maybe they’re smarter.  Maybe they’re not slaves to the cookie-cutter brand name manufacturing machine.  Maybe their toy-makers actually keep the child at the forefront of their minds when they design their toys instead of potential earnings.

Some of my over-the-ocean faves that make Toys-R-Us look like a public restroom in a seedy part of town:

Kids Scandinavian Shop




Mini Mishka

Kathe Kruse