New York vs. The World

I’ve only known a handful of born ‘n bred New Yorkers….and all of them wore capes and chewed glass.  Now with Hurricane Irene bearing down on New York, the strongest of the strong are in front of the TV cameras…smiling and pointing out that they ain’t skeered.  Cabs are still driving around, people are still shopping.  Dare I say…..IDIOTS?!

In their defense, maybe they’re just ultimate optimists.  It seems the the majority of those who are staying in the zones that were ordered to be evacuated are quite certain this will be nothing more than a summer rain shower.  That all this talk of mayhem and destruction is nothing more than media hype.  I hope they’re right.  I especially hope that the dude who bought 20 cans of Chef Boyardee for his “Emergency Kit” and put his sofa up on old encyclopedias (leaving the TV down on sea level)….I hope that guy does okay.

I won’t lie.  I’m a lover of inclement weather…and there’s secretly a part of me that wishes I was in the eye of Irene with a microphone and rain gear.  But I have a husband and kid…so my days of irresponsible and risky activity are pretty much over.  In all seriousness, I hope that those in this hurricane’s Danger Zone make it through with minimal damage.

You can visit to get all the info you need to put together an Emergency Preparedness Kit.

Crisis Landing has tons of phone apps that give info on shelters, weather updates and tracking maps.

Red Cross has an extensive Hurricane Safety Checklist that outlines what to do, supplies you’ll need and what to do after the storm passes.

FEMA has tons of readiness info for all kinds of disasters.

Button up and keep safe!


Car Bombs, Times Square and Unibrows

Well, there he is.  Numb-Nut Unibrow reporting for duty.  This is the derelict that put a dud car-bomb in the middle of Times Square.  He just wasn’t brilliant, this guy.  Times Square is chuck full of security cameras.  Your garden variety New Yorker is MORE than observant when it comes to noting an outside oddball.  It was actually a seasoned New York street vendor who noticed the out-of-place vehicle and took a peek inside.  After seeing a pile of suspicious looking bomb stuff, he called police and began clearing people out of the area.  Like I said…Pakistan Man is no genius.

He goes by the name Faisal Shahzad and became a U.S. citizen back in April of 2009.  Apparently he passed all the background checks and sauntered onto U.S. soil with a strong intent on taking some Americans down.  I wish I could’ve seen the take-down last night.  His smug-self all comfy on a Dubai bound flight…almost getting ready to take off.  Then BAM.  I would’ve kicked him in the shin-bone on his way down the aisle. 

The idiot actually left a bunch of ammo and guns in his car that was left at the airport.  They found bomb ingredients in the dumpsters outside his house.  If he HAD actually made it to Dubai, his elders probably would’ve smacked him in the face for being so incompetent.  He claims he acted “alone”…even though he’d just recently returned from a little jaunt over in Pakistan. 

If the terrorists REALLY wanted to take over and create a global panic….they’d take out our internet and cell phones…landlines too.  They wouldn’t even have to come onto U.S. soil.  It’d wreak so much havoc that we’d probably end up fighting each other.  Think about it!  No internet…no phones…no cable/satellite television.  Yeah.  That’d do us in for sure.  I get downright scathing mad when my internet connection is slightly sluggish.  There’s no telling how I’d react if you took it away entirely.  And all these crackberry heads out there?  Alot of nervous twitching and dry heaves, that’s what.

Anyway…I’m glad they caught the idiot.  But those angry Pakistanis worry me just a bit.  That U.S. Army loon who shot all those people at Fort Hood, Texas was from Pakistan and on a terror-influenced mission. Not to mention they’re even MORE agitated because of what’s going on between them and Israel.  I hate to say it…but if I’m sitting next to a person of middle eastern descent on an airplane…I’ll be highly suspicious based on universal precaution.

I hate that my kid has to grow up in this type of society.  I hate that all innocence is gone, never to return. 

“The big threat to America is the way we react to terrorism by throwing away what everybody values about our country–a commitment to human rights. America is a great nation because we are a good nation. When we stop being a good nation, we stop being great.” ~ Bobby Kennedy