Free Party Labels and Memory Game Printables

Lookie, lookie!  Thanks to Amy Moss over at Eat Drink Chic, I was able to print these FREE vintage bottle and cup labels.  Aren’t they swell?!

Amy also has this free printable memory game that is too stinkin’ cute for words.  This girl is genius, I tell you!  Genius!  (All of her work is for personal use ONLY.  Respect it!)


Paper Valentine Treat Box

Oh how stinkin’ cute are these?!  Little paper treat boxes that you just print, glue and fold!  I found them over at Family Fun.  Go on over there and get started! 

Here’s what I did.  Obviously, I printed it out.  I used a piece of patterned card-stock so the inside would be all frilly and such.  Then I lined it with a square of cupcake fabric, dropped some candy in, folded everything up and SNAP.  Super easy, super cute Valentine treat box.  This is a great idea for classroom crafts or gifts.

I’d like to say that I plan on posting a little Valentine craft every day until the 14th…but I’d be a big fat liar.  While you’re waiting on the next one, here’s some pics of my candy box: