Free Party Labels and Memory Game Printables

Lookie, lookie!  Thanks to Amy Moss over at Eat Drink Chic, I was able to print these FREE vintage bottle and cup labels.  Aren’t they swell?!

Amy also has this free printable memory game that is too stinkin’ cute for words.  This girl is genius, I tell you!  Genius!  (All of her work is for personal use ONLY.  Respect it!)


The Push-Pop Trend

Looks like the long-standing cupcake trend has had a make-over.  And you know what?  I totally dig it!  I’m honked off that I didn’t think of this in the first place.  Of course, the first thing my cheap self thought when I saw these was, “Hope!  I can make push-ups with that cheap sherbet and my kid will never know they’re not the grossly over-priced rainbow ones!”

You can find these push-pop containers at the Layer Cake Shop (my fave place for baking supplies).  I can’t wait to make some of these myself.   These are a few that are inspiring me to binge on cake batter and sprinkles.  (Click on image to visit site).

Brilliantly Cheap Chair Covers!

Here’s what confuses me.  Why in tarnation are bath towels and chair covers so flipping expensive?!  I’m talking about the chair covers for party times and weddings.  I shopped around last year for my daughter’s birthday party and nearly soiled myself at the sheer magnitude of the cost.  Even the rentals were stupid!

So I sat around for about a week looking like the “Thinker” sculpture.  I thought of everything…sewing them myself.  Uh no.  Too much work and stress.  Crepe paper.  Nah…too fragile.  Table covers?  Too slippery.  Pillowcases?  Hmm.  That could work.  That could work!!

So I went to Sam’s Club and bought a case of 24 white Riegel pillowcases for $30, then trotted over to Michaels and got a couple rolls of tulle ($10 each) and ran home with my fingers and toes crossed.  How ’bout the pillowcases were a perfect fit for your standard rental folding chair?!  Who knew?!  Plus they were mine to keep for future party times!

And here’s the final result!  On a side note, 90% of the party decor was loot from the Dollar Store!

Dollar Store Magic Times

I’m addicted to the Dollar Store the way Ezel is addicted to crack.  Seriously.  I’m like MacGyver up in there.  So I figured I’d periodically share some of my Dollar-ific creations….feel free to totally rip off my ideas.  In this economy, I encourage you to do so.

‘Pretty in Pink’

*  Glass cylinder vase: $1

*  Three (3) silk flower stems: $3

*  White satin ribbon: $1

*  Scrapbook paper: $1

TOTAL:  $6 of royal cheapness!

Another variation…also $6 (Dollar Store):

Paige & Cali’s 5th Birthday Soiree

Click on photo for a slide show of Paige & Cali’s 5th Birthday Extravaganza: