Free Party Labels and Memory Game Printables

Lookie, lookie!  Thanks to Amy Moss over at Eat Drink Chic, I was able to print these FREE vintage bottle and cup labels.  Aren’t they swell?!

Amy also has this free printable memory game that is too stinkin’ cute for words.  This girl is genius, I tell you!  Genius!  (All of her work is for personal use ONLY.  Respect it!)


Birthday Party Planning

So my friend and I are armpit-deep into planning the birthday party of our crazy girls.  There’s so much pink flowery stuff around here it’s nauseating.  But we’re all about throwing a party, ya’ll!  I don’t have much to write about today, so I’m posting some fabulous pics of party stuff.  Now I’m off to work on party favors!

Fabulous Felty Party Favors

If I could get a fat paycheck for giving gifts, I’d be SO all over that.  If there’s no occasion that calls for gifts, I’ll make one up.  I swear, I will.  So imagine my unfiltered jubilation when  I found these felt party favors!  Now I want to crash a random party so I can throw these favors around and leave… a happy shiny Robin Hood.  I’d probably get arrested by the infamous Dougherty County Po-Po though….but I’m not skeered.  I’d like to think a friendly felt party favor bribe would wipe my life ‘o crime slate clean.

So behold.  Marvel at the cuteness.  I’m going to make a heaping pile of these things.