Fairy Houses and Forest Animals

Oh yes I did….zee Fairy House project from days ago.  I couldn’t find real moss, so I bought a bag of moss, mkay?  Mkay…..I opened the bag and (excuse the crassness of what I’m about to say)…but it smelled like pre-packaged poop that had been sitting in a wooden bowl in the middle of the Sahara desert for approximately 10-12 weeks.  It was terrible.  Cali said no fairy in her right mind would live in the place, so I guess that’s why it’s on the sparse side.  Mentally ill fairies don’t need a lot of trivial knick-knacks and whatnot.  I wanted to trick the place out….but that MOSS!

I also whipped up a couple of forest animals…which were immediately swiped and mucked up by the resident short person.  I’m well aware that they look like two unemployed animals who have taken to drinking and eating snacks, but you get what you get.

So that’s it, then.  The kid is passed out on the floor so I’m going to run and drank me some Kool-Aid and eat me some of them Pop Tart mini chip things.


Hot Coffee. What’s That?

I would love to sit here and sip on my coffee and write a leisurely post on why I couldn’t get in to Vassar college…..but I can’t.  Because I have a naked 5 year old standing in front of me hollering about a house being on fire somewhere in the vicinity because she can smell smoke and will drop dead of smoke inhalation if I don’t get up and do something about it NOW.

So I threw a waffle down the hall for her to chase while I post some pics of what I’ve been making/painting/photographing here recently.  Everything is available for purchase at Whimsy Dreams…except for the photography.

Lazy Treasury Day

I know, I know….it’s been a few days.  But I have a good excuse….pretty much.  Cali’s graduation and my art show were on the very same weekend….then I helped with her end-of-school party.  Now it’s summer vacation and I’m busy planning ways to keep the kid from chewing off her arm from the magnitude of sheer boredom.

So.  It’s a lazy post today.  Here are some of my recent Etsy treasuries you can peruse at your leisure.  Just click the pic!

No Place Like Gnome

Hats of Quirk

Friday’s Child…is Loving and Giving

Be An Opener of Doors

Pinwheels Turning

Soul Mates

Gingerbread, Hair Bows and Manipulation

A few days ago, I was informed that Cali’s Granny would be escorting Her Royal Hiney-ness to the Grove Park Inn to view the elaborate gingerbread houses over the turkey holiday.  When HRH realized where she was going, she dropped the not-so-subtle hint:

“I think I will need a gingerbread dress.  Oh!  And a bag.  And probably a little something for my hair.”

This was 3 days ago.  When I passed this on to the Husband, he replied with:

“I don’t know what’s worse.  Her demanding this or you going out and actually making all of it.”

Oh, get over it, Daddy.  This is a girl-manipulating-her-Mama thang.  You wouldn’t understand.

Persnickety Kids

Yeah, you thought I was insulting snobby children didn’t you?  Me?!  For heaven’s sake no!  I was referring to one of my favorite children clothing designers that makes the clouds and rain scoot away.  Well, for ME anyway.

The clothing is designed by Corrine and she originally started the company to help kids in need.  And you know I’m all about that.  For every item of clothing sold, one is given to a needy child.  A most fabulous way to “pass it on”.

Okay.  I think my kid is cute.  I really do.  But Corrine’s children (who she uses as models) are so ridiculously beautiful it hurts your eyeballs.  HURTS them. I hope I don’t get in trouble for posting these pics…but I’m linking them back to you, Corrine!

You can find more pics and hear from Corrine over at her blog.  Let me also say that Corrine has 5 kids.  Five.  I have ONE and I can barely get a button-hole sewn.  And if I DO complete it, it’s all jacked up because Cali decided it’d be happy-funny to shut my sewing machine off mid-stitch.  Yeah, hilarious.

So if you’re interested in these frilly frocks of love, then please check out Persnickety’s.  Do yourself a favor and buy something…for a great cause!

Doll Without a Name

Here’s my newest doll!  Just as soon as my “Whimsy Dolls” labels arrive, she’ll be available for purchase in my Etsy shop.  I finally found the perfect yarn for the hair.  I can’t remember the name of it right now…but it’s soft like over-conditioned hair.  I’m thinking of working on a Mom ‘n Kid set of dolls next.  Stay tuned!

Hobo Bags and Bacon

Okay, this post has nothing to do with bacon.  “Hobo Bag” sounded too blah…so I added bacon.  Everything’s better with bacon.

I love bacon…I love bags!!  I’ve just started making bags of my own.  Please don’t judge.  I’m aware they look rough.  But I’m a novice, man!  I made this hobo bag with a Tommy Hilfiger toile bed-sheet.  The true test will be loading it up with all my junk and seeing if it’ll hold.

I stumbled across a tutu tote bag a few days ago and couldn’t find a pattern for the design I wanted…so…I made my own.  I haven’t started sewing yet.  If it comes out like the picture in my head, it’ll be too cool for school!

I made this wreath thingy for a friend’s birthday.  Really.  I don’t even know what it is.  A wreath?

Off the subject…but remember the kitty that my kid almost drowned a couple of weeks ago?  Here’s her little flea-ridden self.  We’ve named her Punkin.  How could you try to drown such a cutie?!